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About us

  • LOGSOLAR is a supplier of solar energy products and systems adapted to the needs of your projects and the environment and enables its customers to generate clean and economical energy.
  • Our turnkey approach allows us to develop reliable solutions for isolated or grid-connected sites.
  • Whatever your project, trust the expertise of LOGSOLAR to develop your solarization project. Whatever your location, benefit from our solar energy consulting, storage and distribution offers.

Logsolar Operator of sustainable energy solutions




Our business

Produce your own energy now and become independent or reduce your energy bill!

LOGSOLAR accompanies you and offers you mobile solar solutions.


Our mission

Contribute to the development of Renewable Energies by providing quality equipment at competitive prices


Services & Skills

As solar energy specialists, we support you in the design and implementation of your turnkey solar photovoltaic projects.


Our Advantages

Innovative, unique and patented solutions.
Everywhere, in all climatic conditions.
Wide range of quality solar materials Zero carbon emissions, no fossil fuels.

We are building a better energy future

  • Solar Lights

LOGSOLAR offers the latest technology products including solar modules, streetlights,…
Our streetlights are autonomous and efficient characterized by their quality, reliability, autonomy and lifespan.


Mobile solutions – Containers / Nomadic solar generators

  • Projectable solar container producing electricity from photovoltaic panels combined with batteries, ideal for remote locations or during natural disasters (robust, and rapid deployment).
  • Mobile and independent solar containerized systems provide electricity to remote locations. These offer an excellent solution with quick and easy installation. The complete system is pre-wired and factory tested to ensure safety and reliability.
  • A set of nomadic and autonomous solar generators for electrification in remote areas, for self-consumption or for mobility needs, an alternative to diesel generators and gensets.